Hundred and more years with the sea

Salerno is strategically located and must have an important port

"As long as there is sea there is bread. Salerno is strategically located and must have an important port». It was the vision of Michele Abitbol, who manages to expand its activities in the Mediterranean because of the advent of the first steamers, after a first experience of cabotage shipping between ports in Sicily and the South of Bourbon with father Michael, founder of Michele Abitbol and Son, born in Sydney, in the province of Salerno, in 1846.

The Agency was founded in 1871 and entrepreneurial and personal stories of double wire founder immediately appear linked with the port of Salerno. In the first person, along with his son, is committed to the enlargement and modernization which end only in recent years. The economy of the whole city is spread across the sea. "The sea unites and does not divide," said Ferdinand Abidi, the company's President and member of the latest generation of the family who, together with her sisters Antonia, ceo, and Lucia, Sales Manager, is actively engaged in the business of shipping.

And it's always the sea to mark the history of the family; during the world wars the company gets an acknowledgement by the Allied forces for logistical support the important role played by the year 1943, landing at Salerno. Since then the work of the Agency is crucial to the management of traffic of ships carrying the materials needed for the continuation of military operations.

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