Opened the new Trapezio gate in port’s area.

The Trapezio gate improve traffic in the port area.

Is running, since yesterday morning, the Trapezio gate for the access to the port area. The gate will be open all days, from 7 am to 7 pm, and will not only an additional "door" entrance, but it will improve traffic in the area. "It is a great result that we have achieved through the ongoing dialogue with all public and private operators interested in the development, security, traffic to and from the port of Salerno," said Regional Secretary of the Italian Federation of transporters, Angelo Patella – we had requested that the opening would take place before mid-August and so was». The activation of the breach has prompted a new organization of the services and of course the preparation of necessary security measures, involving the various military and civilian institutions that operate in the port area. "It is a measure, said the President of the port authority, Andrea Annunziata – that will enable the growth of the commercial port of Salerno fluidity, which increases the attractiveness of the port of Salerno in relation to its customers and, at the same time, a greater respect for the environment and the safety of those working within the area. It is more fluid mobility in the port is for activities related to goods for both passengers, without neglecting the importance of the effect that will have on the smooth running of the viaduct traffic».

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